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To increase the quality of our services and increase the comfort of patients we supply our Clinic with modern appliances of the highest quality. One of them is the TRIOS 3D scanner. It is a three-dimensional reading device with the greatest precision dental health (directly in the patient`s mouth).

3D intraoral scanners are modern devices that are widely used in prosthetics and orthodontics. They allow you to make precise additions in the CAD / CAM technique:

  • Crowns, onlays / inlays
  • Veneers
  • crown – root inlays
  • works based on the many pillars and connectors for implants.

In our office 3D intraoral scanner is primarily used in orthodontic diagnostics.

Instead of traditional diagnostic impressions that are not too comfortable for the patient, before beginning orthodontic treatment system scan intraoral scanner jaws.

Scanning is quick and pleasant. Scan 3D is a comfort, precision, durability, new opportunities for Doctor and Patient comfort at the highest level.

W Virtual impressions are powerful and flexible tool for diagnosis and treatment planning. -

It gives us the opportunity to:

  • Extend patient diagnostics (verification shape of the dental arch, overjet / vertical, more accurate orthodontic analysis, check overloads occlusal tooth)
  • Simulation of the treatment course (including tooth extraction)
  • Convenient communication between patient - doctor.
  • Detailed treatment plan of record changes in the position of the tooth models and the comparisons before and after treatment.

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