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Endodontic treatment (also a called root canal treatment) pertains to the removal of infected pulp from the chamber and the canals and to the mechanical and chemical preparation of the canals and their tight filling, Endodontic treatment is performed with the use of dental dam under local anaesthesia. A properly treated tooth can be used for many years after the root canal treatment. It is extremely important to restore the tooth properly after the root canal therapy and consequently, it is recommended to put a crown.

Root canal treatment is performed using specialist tools, both manual and machine.

Modern root canal therapy also requires the use of a microscope that is of great help in case of a complex tooth structure or a difficult access to the canals. Sometimes the dentist may use an apex locator which measures the length of the canal.
To provide professional endodontic treatment the surgery has been equipped with appliances facilitating precise work for doctors and consequently patient’s satisfaction and the quality of treatment. The endodontic microscope magnifies the work field, which in case of hardly accessible, obliterated root canals of the tooth is extremely valuable.

The endometer is used to take precise measure of the length of a tooth root canal.

Having drawn up tooth root canals it is necessary to fill them tightly using a gutta percha. It is possibile to do so with Touch’n Heat for thermal traetment of this material. Another method of working out this process is using OBTURA appliance, which facilitates thorough filling of the irregular space of root canals by means of a hot gutta percha.

Endodontic re-treatment involves a repeated root canal therapy. This procedure is necessary in case the patient suffers from pain caused by the tooth that has been previously treated, fistula, changes in the periapical area visible on an X-ray or improperly filled canals during the first treatment. Endodontic re-treatment makes it possible to remove broken tools that were left in the canal during the first treatment. It is very important in the diagnosis of endodontically treated teeth have a picture X-ray or 3D, which gives us a full picture of the tooth.

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