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Radiovisiography (digital radiography) – periapical teeth X-rays – these are the most common images taken to diagnose caries, dental pulp inflammation and periodontitis. Such an image provides detailed information on a tooth tissue structure, run of a root canal, the number of roots, the height of an alveolar process. It also gives initial information on the length of a root canal and the density of bone tissue. It enables the dentist to check the correctness of canal filling and to use contrast in order to highlight some details. The image can be enlarged, which may be of great importance while diagnosing fractures of a crown and a root after face injuries and while localising broken tools left in a root canal.

Case 1 – endodontic re-treatment 45

Case 2 – root canal treatment 14

Case 3 – endodontic re-treatment 36

Case 4 – root canal treatment 14 (a crowned tooth)

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