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3D Dental Tomography – is an invaluable examination in cases when it is necessary to perform precise and highly specialized procedures mainly in the field of dental surgery and implant insertion but also in other fields of dentistry where conducting this kind of examination helps to make a complete and correct diagnosis. However, it is very commonly used before implant insertion in the jaw or mandible, before complicated extractions such as of a wisdom tooth or while localizing retained teeth, root perforation, fractures of the jaw and mandible. Not only does making a tomogram help to localize a tooth and to provide detailed information on its orientation but also allows to take precise measurements in the area of a planned procedure, to simulate an implant insertion and to give information on the bone tissue density. The greatest advantage of 3D dental tomography is minimizing the risk of complications during and after the procedure, which significantly increases the comfort both for the doctor and the patient, as well as shortens the duration of the procedure.

Case 1 – a huge bone loss in tooth 36 was caused by pulpitis and bacterial changes in the periapical area; the mandibular canal is outlined.

Case 2 – a simulation of implant insertion

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