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Each orthodontic treatment in our clinic is preceded by preparing the full medical documentations. It relies on it to determine the diagnosis and individual treatment plan of the patient-giving guarantee the correct and healthy occlusion. Diagnosis is for us one of the most important points of treatment!

The first visit – preparing medical documentation

During this appointment the dental hygienist performs a photo session of face and occlusion and also scans the jaws in 3D technology (instead of the traditional impressions)  

She also makes a set of digital images and X-rays (pantomograms and cephalograms).

After a thorough analysis of the collected material is prepared detailed plan.
The second visit - orthodontic consultation .

During this consultation Dr Nedal Aidi examine your teeth and occlusion, assesses facial features, functioning temporomandibular joints, respiratory function, swallowing and speech.

After clinical examinations and a detailed analysis of the patient’s medical documentation, involves presenting a diagnosis and a course of possible treatment. .


After orthodontic consultation the patient get a complete medical documentation:

  • case study,
  • treatment plan, taking into account all stages of treatment involving other specialists,
  • the expected duration of treatment,
  • costs,
  • type of retention the resulting effect of the therapy,
  • general information about orthodontic treatment.

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